Welcome to Apeiron Abridged

Your streamlined guide to the Apeiron Godiverse!

Bulletin Board:

Active events need access to the Apeiron Discord so make sure to be there and read the rest of the information.

What's in V1 of the AA GitBook?

  • A short summary of the project.
  • Breeding 101 - A quick guide to breeding.
  • Primal Road - Situations regarding to breeding including info on Primeval Legacy.
  • Avatar Arcanum - Breeding info prioritizing Avatars.
  • Compendium - At-a-glance info on NFTs.
  • Misc - Extra stuff and a feedback form for this GitBook

What is not in V1?

  • List of Skill Cards
  • List of Star and Spirit Core NFTs.
  • Basically any information not posted in official links or AMA.

About me:

A foodie & anime otaku isekai'd into the godiverse after getting poisoned from eating expired canned food slapped with a sticker of her favorite anime character.
Stumbled upon an ancient wonder relic filled with the records of the unknown and found a new obsession of understanding Apeiron after realizing she can role-play as a librarian and even prepared lines to visitors such as...
"Welcometh to the archive lief godling! Doth ye seeketh what arcanum this w'rld holds?"
Currently being worshipped as a godling in a Delta Archipelago planet by the locals after mistaking her as one.
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